How to Free Your Body and Speak From the Source of Your Talent

Free Your Body
Free Your Body

Speakers who are comfortable in their bodies have a lovely natural flow in the way they use them. If you have been wondering what to do to be more engaging and more effective in your public speaking or in one-on-one situations, I've got a suggestion that works every time. "Put it in neutral!" Let me explain.

Neutral Position: This is the place from which all presentations originate and to which they all return. Think of this position as the source of your talent. We have neutral position in our cars - now we have one for our bodies. When the body is in a comfortable neutral, just as in cars, we are free to transition to any of our other gears - such as emotional gears.

Standing in front of a mirror, plant your feet six to eight inches apart, in line with your legs and hips. Bring your hands to your sides and let them hang freely. WARNING - if you have previously been stuck in the fig leaf position, or other similar versions of holding on to yourself, then standing with your hands at your side will feel very strange at first. You may feel as if your hands are on the floor, much like a Gorilla. You might be asking yourself, "What do I do with my hands?" You probably will not love this position at first, but this is quite normal for those not used to standing in this way, and it is just fine! Let it in and let it start to work for you.

Neutral is open and receptive; it says, "I am ready." Instead of a place of being stuck, it is a place that provides a sense of flow. Think of yourself as a tree. As you stand there, imagine that your feet are rooted in and supported by the earth. You are not just floating on some surface - you are rooted, grounded and connected. It is very important that you feel this connection with the earth. It has everything to do with your success!

You must practice neutral position. Begin by standing still - let the position sink in. Walk around and start to talk about something, a prepared speech, for instance. Are you starting to feel a connection between the words you are saying and your body's response to them? Allow the meaning of the words to extend through your body, especially your arms and hands. If you want to walk, do it - just don't pace.

  • Return to neutral
  • Take a step
  • Return to neutral
  • Repeat as necessary

Before long, you will be comfortably flowing in your personally engaging style of communication, welcoming the audience in and keeping them hanging on every word that your body is saying. You will be flowing in the gift of you and your message.

Summary: Remember, if you are not in charge - tension will be. Tension will be speaking, instead of your talent, and the gift of your message will not be received, disappointing both you and your audience. Take control, instead. From the neutral position, let your body transition from gear to gear, emotion to emotion, taking your audience along for the ride.

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