Giving the Perfect Wedding Speech

Giving the Perfect Wedding Speech

Finding the perfect wedding speech is something most of us hope we never have to deal with. However, someone in our close circle of family and friends will inevitably get married and we will be expected to offer a wedding toast (especially if you are the best man or maid of honor). If you're like me, speaking in front of crowds is not your favorite thing to do. I am not alone, fear of public speaking is near the top of everyone's list of things they feel most uncomfortable doing.

As I mentioned before, speaking in front of a crowd is intimidating. If you will be speaking at a wedding, you must realize that you will not only be embarrassing yourself by failing, you will also be embarrassing the bride and groom who put their trust in you. I attended a wedding years ago when the Best Man got up to toast and by the time if was over the crowd just sat scratching their heads. That was nearly twenty years ago and even today when I see the groom we inevitably end up laughing about it (although the groom wasn't laughing at the time). You must not let this happen to you. Writing the perfect wedding speech is something you can do if you prepare correctly.

You will generally be asked in advance about giving a short speech at the reception, because everything about a wedding is usually planned well in advance. When you find out what type of speech you will be giving, and who it will be in regard to, you can begin to prepare. Gather some personal information about the individual or couple which you can use in your speech.

This makes it more personal and touching. You can be lighthearted to begin with if you so choose, but end the speech on a serious note. Practice in a mirror as often as you can while trying to maintain eye contact. If you can have a couple of people sit in front of you while you practice that is even better. Try to keep your speech between one and two minutes. Anything longer than that and people start becoming bored. Also, it is difficult to memorize a speech much longer than that without some kind of notes or visual aids.

If you don't have the time to write your own speech or would never feel comfortable doing it on your own, there are other options available such as paying a professional to do it for you. offers many different types of wedding speeches for all faiths and occasions.

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